I suppose I should put something up here.

Today was my second full day off from classes.  Other than that I’ve been standing in one place at my questionable job that pays for textbooks, but not today.  Work did call to try to rope me in for a few hours, to which I replied “…I’m going to go back to sleep in my tub now, bye.” And I did. And it was great.

Then I washed dishes, and by wash I mean pour soap on them and then rinse with very hot water and not touch them.  I am full of sassy action today.  School drained me dry it seems, because everything going through my head sounds like “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHH! AH!” On top of waiting for test results and dealing with the public during the holidays and being part of the public wanting my Christmas gifts to show up on time, of course.

Speaking of waiting, the company I’ve been waiting for, which I will not currently mention, has some terrible customer service so far.  If you like their stuff and praise it, you’ll get a reply, but otherwise it’s silent, or all attempted communication magically disappears.  Why doesn’t that work when my customers complain?  After three emails and one voice mail, an email randomly popped up to let me know that my shipment was on its way.  Now we’ll see if everything arrives in one piece. I want to like the company, and I know I like their products, but 20+ days of silence is a bit crazy.  Pray for me, baby jesus.

Maybe less ranty tomorrow?



heh, I win.  No.

Basically, I write all of the time.  Except it’ s all for grades and resume building and they don’t let me use run on sentences and here I can do whatever I want– which is nice.  I have no idea what will end up on here… probably either a whole lot of nonsense or a whole lot of nothing.  Either way, I’m going to try my hand at it and see what happens.  And no deadlines!  Yay!