This Goes Without Saying…

Everyone should feel comfortable in their clothes. Yet you walk into a store geared toward people of my age group and you just want to throw up.  Crop tops, shorts that might as well be underwear, and shirts so sheer that you have to buy another shirt to wear underneath!

I am not tall, and I am not as thin as the models of these clothes.  That crop top will not hang off of me and sway ever so effortlessly– I will be struggling to keep it from riding up all day.  I also do not want to worry about getting arrested for wearing those shorts out in public.  And I find it insane that the saleslady will tell me to “wear a cute bra” under the sheer shirt instead of buying a tank top to layer with it.  $25 is not an acceptable price for something you can see straight through.

I can spend $8 and get a cool t-shirt from the men’s section that has not been taken in at the sides to accentuate my curves.  Maybe I don’t want to accentuate my curves, because they consist primarily of cheese dip.

Then there are the clothes I actually do enjoy: the long, flowy cardigans and skirts that are perfect for twirling around like you’re magic, shorts that hit right above the knee instead of in the middle of my butt.  It’s like they could have used more fabric all along!

And then the kicker: you’re too short to wear these.

I’m too what to what?

Why does my stature dictate what is acceptable for me to wear?

I understand that some things will look bad on me.  Crop tops usually look like I cannot wash my own clothes properly, and some skirts and pants have to be hemmed/rolled/hiked up a bit.  Long sweaters and cardigans make me look diminutive, but guess what? I am diminutive.  I stopped growing and started shrinking (in height) in the eighth grade.  My legs are, in fact, short.  My torso is short. I am short. Deal with it.

But what I feel no one should have to deal with is going with the trend if they don’t want to.   Everywhere I turn there are nice, bright, springy-summery tops, and most of them are cropped, or the back doesn’t even exist. I want to wear a bra without showing everyone.  I do not want to be that girl in the episode of Seinfeld that never wears a bra so Elaine buys her one.

I understand how shops must go with the current trend to make a profit, and these current trends are suited to the ideal body type, which is not mine or most of society’s anyway.  My argument is, you can’t keep pushing what you don’t have, unless you want a bunch of people who hate themselves for not looking a certain way.  You can find acceptable clothing, but it’s not what is being advertised and glorified.  It gets old.