The Nightmare Before All Holiday Seasons.

So my day started off with email surfing and leaving voice mails to places that said they “couldn’t take my call because they have shit to do but if you want to talk about your problems on this answering machine be my guest”.  Not that exactly, but close enough.

The company I had been trying to contact for days finally replied to my emails, after the email sent by a robot that told me my stuff shipped, to tell me that hey, we already told you your stuff shipped; also, putting your credit card info in this email is totally safe because that’s how we update things.  I’ll pass.  And then when my stuff arrives, leave a 2 or 3 star survey on your Facebook page about your insanity so that I have gifts to give to people sans spit!

My dog and I have been laying around watching TV before work and staring at the basket of laundry hoping it becomes intelligent enough to hang itself up. It didn’t, but all of the hangers disappeared before I was finished, though.  Note to self: stop stepping on hangers.

I bought a decorate-it-your-own-damn-self reindeer a couple of months ago thinking I would have tons of time and it would be super fun and turn out super cute and glittery and great.  He’s still in a bag, and looks super pissed and undecorated.  My bad.  At least the decorate-it-your-own-damn-self ornament can’t stare at me, too.

I did, however, start decorating some mugs for my boyfriend’s sisters to give as Christmas presents. I might put some pictures here when they’re done, because I’m semi-proud of them.  Mostly because I didn’t lose my shit and throw one.  I still have to wait for Amazon to deliver the rest of the things I need for them before they go in the oven… so we’ll see how that goes.  I suppose I could have just gone out and gotten what I needed before work yesterday, (when I started writing this…whoops) but there are people.  So no.  I get my fill when I nearly get run over walking into work and being yelled at because shipping isn’t cheap enough and I’m “ruining Christmas”.  No, sir, YOU waited too long to ship your cheap gift and are still too cheap to make sure it gets to its destination on time.  And no, I am not personally responsible for the FedEx truck flipping over, and no, I cannot guarantee that it will not happen to your package too, because I’m not psychic. Yayyyyyy Christmas!  I’m so glad this is the only current ever issue ever that ever happened ever.  Ever.

Even though people are absolute nut-jobs right now, I am still verrry excited for Christmas 😀  Now I will go watch The Nightmare Before Christmas for the 420237065756th time and be HAPPY about it.

UPDATE: I feel I should talk about at least one more thing I actually enjoy right now, and that’s the Bloggess.  Every year she does a post to send money to a charity and people leave Amazon wishlists in the comments if they are unable to buy gifts for their kids to have under the tree.  It’s awesome, and she’s awesome, and it’s all fucking awesome.


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