New Tradition…?

Last year around New Year’s I slowly but surely got sick and sat in my room coughing up my insides. Mmmmm.  This year I thought I’d be alright, I’ve had a cough for almost four months but nothing has come of that.  This morning I wake up and BAM! sore throat.  I hate having a sore throat.  “Everyone hates being sick Brooke, deal with it”. yeahyeahyeah.  But I’m not looking forward to constantly speaking at work and coughing and sniffling at the general public because sick pay isn’t real for part-timers that work like full-timers, and every human being that comes to my counter is going to say “Are you SICK? You shouldn’t be here! Can I use that germ-x you’ve been cuddling for the last four hours?”   At that point I assume you don’t realize I’ve been touching everything with my hands, including that germ-x pump, and you’d just love to hop the counter and finish my shift for me.  No? Then shush.  Why are you still here. Wanna watch me blow my nose?

That’s just how it is.  You go to work in your cubicle sick, I go to work and stand here sick.  My coworker came in a few weeks ago barely able to stand and taking breaks to throw up in the bathroom.  Because as I said in my last post, they can’t afford enough people.  It would be easier just to call up two weeks in advance and say “Yeah, preeeetty sure I’m going to be sick from December 30- January 3, you’ll have to find a replacement for those days,”.  And sadly, if you can’t do that, it’s a scramble to try to convince someone to work a shift they don’t usually take.

Anywhoodles, when I figure out how to put pictures on here I will post the cups I made for Christmas and how I made them.  Yay!


Santa is always watching.

Christmas was lovely.  Everyone enjoyed their presents, mostly, and food was inhaled.  Some presents arrived late, so those will probably be left for next year.  Unless we finally just pick one person to buy for, because there are a looooot of people to buy for between my family and my boyfriend’s family.  I realized this year that no matter what you do, how much you spend, or how much thought you put into a present, there will always be someone that is terribly ungrateful.  Personally, I absolutely love watching people open up their presents and seeing their reactions.  I spend months looking for presents, though I end up doing a lot of buying closer to Christmas, hence why some presents were late (though I still don’t agree that it should have taken a month for them to get here..).  But when you watch someone rip off enough paper to see what’s inside and ask “So, what else?” it’s a bit of a let down.  Or a lot.  I mean, yes, I gave in to the capitalist side of Christmas and bought lots of things for people, but I also just want to sit around and watch Christmas movies and snack with everyone.  Before I even got out of bed on Christmas morning, I was deleting emails with subjects like “Didn’t get what you wanted?” or “Mark the last things off your list!”.  It’s like we’re all a bunch of petty children who will lay on the floor and scream because someone didn’t buy that ONE thing you will DIE without.  And that just how it is.  At work I can no longer tell anyone “no”, and if I do and they don’t just go with it, I am required to pretend that nothing ever happened.  Yup.  Don’t wanna pay for a service?  That’s fine, sorry to assume that you would have in the first place.  Here, have a discount on something else too so that you like me! It’s very frustrating when you know someone is pulling a scam and you’re not allowed to do anything, and they just smile and milk it.  No wonder we can’t afford enough workers, because we’re not making any money, we’re throwing it at people.  And it’s all because no one can be satisfied, and we live in fear of upsetting other people.

Why can’t we all just do our own thing without cowering under the impression that someone might potentially fly off the handle?  Why do people find it acceptable to fly off the handle in a public place to people they don’t know, and why do they feel such a sense of pride once they have done so?

This is why I desperately wish adults still believed in Santa Claus.  They act as if no one is really watching or caring and there will be no consequences.  And that’s okay, if you’re in a movie.  It would also be okay if they were doing good deeds without wanting recognition, because doing good for others is just deemed what should happen anyways.  And yes, some people do actually act like respectable human beings.  But then there are the ones who yell and point, and curse at you until they are red in the face.  And for what?  To get something for free.  When something leaves without charge, they are left feeling victorious, while there is always someone asking what YOU did wrong to cause them to throw a temper tantrum.  The answer is usually “My job”.  Because rather than scream back at them, that is really all you can do.  Though usually doing your job involves a lot of back stepping  and going from saying one thing you are told to do, to throwing all rules that have been drilled into your head straight down the drain because one person doesn’t like it.  If we’re going to start doing that, then let’s get rid of clowns too, because they freak me out.

In short, there is always someone watching, whether it is Santa, a deity, your conscience, or the general public.  So instead of putting on a show to make people bend, just calm the fuck down.

A good video to watch alongside this would be Jenna Marbles’ “People Who Need to Pipe the Fuck Down”.  Because seriously, put on your adult suit and pipe the fuck down.

The Nightmare Before All Holiday Seasons.

So my day started off with email surfing and leaving voice mails to places that said they “couldn’t take my call because they have shit to do but if you want to talk about your problems on this answering machine be my guest”.  Not that exactly, but close enough.

The company I had been trying to contact for days finally replied to my emails, after the email sent by a robot that told me my stuff shipped, to tell me that hey, we already told you your stuff shipped; also, putting your credit card info in this email is totally safe because that’s how we update things.  I’ll pass.  And then when my stuff arrives, leave a 2 or 3 star survey on your Facebook page about your insanity so that I have gifts to give to people sans spit!

My dog and I have been laying around watching TV before work and staring at the basket of laundry hoping it becomes intelligent enough to hang itself up. It didn’t, but all of the hangers disappeared before I was finished, though.  Note to self: stop stepping on hangers.

I bought a decorate-it-your-own-damn-self reindeer a couple of months ago thinking I would have tons of time and it would be super fun and turn out super cute and glittery and great.  He’s still in a bag, and looks super pissed and undecorated.  My bad.  At least the decorate-it-your-own-damn-self ornament can’t stare at me, too.

I did, however, start decorating some mugs for my boyfriend’s sisters to give as Christmas presents. I might put some pictures here when they’re done, because I’m semi-proud of them.  Mostly because I didn’t lose my shit and throw one.  I still have to wait for Amazon to deliver the rest of the things I need for them before they go in the oven… so we’ll see how that goes.  I suppose I could have just gone out and gotten what I needed before work yesterday, (when I started writing this…whoops) but there are people.  So no.  I get my fill when I nearly get run over walking into work and being yelled at because shipping isn’t cheap enough and I’m “ruining Christmas”.  No, sir, YOU waited too long to ship your cheap gift and are still too cheap to make sure it gets to its destination on time.  And no, I am not personally responsible for the FedEx truck flipping over, and no, I cannot guarantee that it will not happen to your package too, because I’m not psychic. Yayyyyyy Christmas!  I’m so glad this is the only current ever issue ever that ever happened ever.  Ever.

Even though people are absolute nut-jobs right now, I am still verrry excited for Christmas 😀  Now I will go watch The Nightmare Before Christmas for the 420237065756th time and be HAPPY about it.

UPDATE: I feel I should talk about at least one more thing I actually enjoy right now, and that’s the Bloggess.  Every year she does a post to send money to a charity and people leave Amazon wishlists in the comments if they are unable to buy gifts for their kids to have under the tree.  It’s awesome, and she’s awesome, and it’s all fucking awesome.


I suppose I should put something up here.

Today was my second full day off from classes.  Other than that I’ve been standing in one place at my questionable job that pays for textbooks, but not today.  Work did call to try to rope me in for a few hours, to which I replied “…I’m going to go back to sleep in my tub now, bye.” And I did. And it was great.

Then I washed dishes, and by wash I mean pour soap on them and then rinse with very hot water and not touch them.  I am full of sassy action today.  School drained me dry it seems, because everything going through my head sounds like “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHH! AH!” On top of waiting for test results and dealing with the public during the holidays and being part of the public wanting my Christmas gifts to show up on time, of course.

Speaking of waiting, the company I’ve been waiting for, which I will not currently mention, has some terrible customer service so far.  If you like their stuff and praise it, you’ll get a reply, but otherwise it’s silent, or all attempted communication magically disappears.  Why doesn’t that work when my customers complain?  After three emails and one voice mail, an email randomly popped up to let me know that my shipment was on its way.  Now we’ll see if everything arrives in one piece. I want to like the company, and I know I like their products, but 20+ days of silence is a bit crazy.  Pray for me, baby jesus.

Maybe less ranty tomorrow?


heh, I win.  No.

Basically, I write all of the time.  Except it’ s all for grades and resume building and they don’t let me use run on sentences and here I can do whatever I want– which is nice.  I have no idea what will end up on here… probably either a whole lot of nonsense or a whole lot of nothing.  Either way, I’m going to try my hand at it and see what happens.  And no deadlines!  Yay!